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Some select examples of past client work include:


Quantania assisted a small biotech firm in honing its promotional messages for a pre-launch biologic therapy, allowing them to quickly reach out to a large population of physicians, gathering detailed insight into their reactions.


Quantania created a market share forecasting model for a mid-sized pharmaceutical firm which allowed them to change dozens of factors and variables as conditions changed in their launch planning, allowing them to make quicker and more informed decisions.

OPINION RESEARCH (Public Opinion Measurement)

With Quantania as a partner, a small Philadelphia-area based non-profit organization was able to study the opinions of working women on a variety of issues relating to work-life balance and health. This study allowed the organization to communicate with members of the public, gather critical insight into the needs of the population they serve, and increase their awareness in the community.

OPINION RESEARCH (Employee Opinion Measurement)

A Fortune 100 professional services firm used Quantania opinion measurement systems to survey their own employees about their mentorship programs, allowing them to redesign the program in a way that was better aligned to the priorities of its staff.

CUSTOMER SATISFACTION (Internal Satisfaction Measurement)

After the merger of two life sciences firms, an internal survey was conducted to determine the levels of satisfaction with internal services and practices in both firms. An update was conducted a year after the merger, which provided insight into best practices and priorities for the improvement of service quality and responsiveness.

CUSTOMER SATISFACTION (External Satisfaction Measurement)

A cable provider implemented a customer satisfaction program, with the partnership of Quantania staff, that allowed them to understand the opinions of their current subscribers regarding available content and service attributes, as well as a survey of their former subscribers to determine more about why they discontinued service. This program allowed them to identify specific service practices that were driving the loss of subscribers, and allowed them to give their current subscribers a voice.

OPINION RESEARCH (Public Opinion Measurement)

A Quantania team helped a NY-based environmental advocacy group with the design and implementation of a public opinion program supporting their conservation programs. This program allowed them to communicate with the general public, identify misconceptions in public knowledge of conservation issues, and increase awareness of their causes and of the group itself.