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All Quantania systems combine the speed and automation of customized proprietary web-based tools with the statistical rigor and special analytic techniques that get you to the right answer. While web-based survey providers are abundant, few provide customized internet questionnaires and reporting capabilities with the foundation in science and research experience that can help clients draw the right conclusions from the data.

Our analytic specialties (as well as our web-based reporting capabilities) include traditional techniques like Linear Regression, as well as advanced techniques like Factor Analysis and Cluster Analysis.

Quantania's Research Director, Robert Luzzatto, personally oversees the analytic components of all its systems. He combines his education and experience in statistics with years of serving in Methodology and Tools functions within specialty consulting firms.

Reporting and Analysis

All Quantania systems include a secure, confidential web-based reporting suite that allows the client to stay informed during the survey administration phase (response rates, dashboard reports, flash reports) and during the analysis phase (descriptive statistics, graphics). Additionally, an analysis/usage plan is created for all Quantania systems.

Quantania research staff are proficient in the analysis of demographic information, and regularly employ techniques like factor and cluster analysis to spot hidden trends.

The reports are web-based, individually password protected (so that each person has a specific level of access), and automatically updated throughout the study or use of the tool. At any time, from anywhere, Quantania clients are in the know.

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