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We span the bandwidth of marketing services. Where math meets color.

What makes us different?

Every day, consumers are bombarded with too much information. There is so much to read, yet no one has the time to read anymore. It often takes full teams hundreds of hours of effort to discover and sift through data that is easily overlooked by the public.

In a streamlined process, Quantania gathers the information necessary to market your company effectively. We quickly and effectively gather the relevant data you need, sort through it to understand and present pertinent information, and then offer the option of highlighting key feedback in an easily digestible, visual package. Our emphasis on design and infographics makes our research services even more potent. Since pictures are worth a thousand words, you can let your message be seen and rise above the crowds, by allowing Quantania to help you.

What are Quantania's research capabilities?

The backbone of Quantania's approach to research is its ability to quickly implement customized web-based survey and research tools that meet a broad variety of needs for commercial and non-profit organizations. Our proprietary technology is supported by the extensive background of our staff, who boast decades of research-based consulting experience and the statistical and analytic foundation to get you the right results.

How can Quantania's research programs improve my strategies and tactics?

Whether you are a decision maker for a non-profit or a commercial organization, it has never been easier or more important to really know what's on the minds of your clients, partner organizations, or employees. Quantania survey and research tools can be implemented quickly and easily, protect confidentiality, and provide scientifically sound insight that will allow you to make more informed plans and strategies.

How has Quantania helped clients?

Quantania (formerly Omega Survey Group) has been providing custom research services since 2004 to clients ranging from small local non-profit organizations to Fortune 500 businesses. Quantania's research has also been featured in major magazines and trade publications. See our Portfolio page for more.